What Is BottleCrop ?

BottleCrop is the smallest hydroponic Urban-Farming-System in the world. It was developed to cultivate lettuce and herbs on a windowsill.

The handling is as easy as pie and you can reuse BottleCrop again and again.

Once set up, no additional watering or care is required until harvest!

BottleCrop works without soil. So neither dirt nor snail can pollute the lettuce.

The protective box can be opened at any time to marvel at roots growth.

BottleCrop protects the environment in a modern way. So for instance it saves up to 97 percent of water compared to a field-grown lettuce.

Who Needs This ?

We Developed BottleCrop For All People Who...

… don’t have an own garden.

… like to grow herbs and vegetables
in a modern and resource-conserving way.

… EASILY want to try out hydroponics.

… look for a reasonable and sustainable and lasting gift idea.

… don’t like snails in the salad ;-)

How Can BottleCrop
Protect The Environment ?

In A Modern Way !

  • No genetic

    Our breeders abstain from it.

  • No Long Ways

    The lettuce grows at your home.
    As fresh as it gets!

  • Sustainable
    and recyclable

    Reuse it again and again
    or recycle it easily.

  • No pesticides

    Because the cultivation takes
    place inside buildings.

  • No leaching of nutrients
    into waters

    Because BottleCrop is a
    closed hydroponic system.

  • Saves up to
    97 percent of water

    Compared to
    open field cultivation.

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What Are The Components ?

Components Of The Starter-Kit

BottleCrop comes with expendable materials
to start three times a plant cultivation.

The Starter-Kit contains:

1 x Bottle
1 x Protectiv Box
1 x Growing Funnel
1 x Cultivation Instruction
3 x Nutrient-Mix
3 x Growing Media
3 x Seeds

(Cheap refills are also available!)

How Does It Work ?

In A Few Easy Steps

Who is behind all this ?

The BottleCrop-Team

  • Slogan:

    Everything will be fine

    Daniel Brohm The Face

    Technology, technology and three times technology – that is what Daniel likes. After a brief study of media technology, Daniel has chosen horticulture studies. He gives BottleCrop a face, because he is responsible for websites and designs.

  • Slogan:

    I love it when a plan comes together

    Nico Domurath The Brain

    As Scientific Director Nico is responsible for solving tricky problems and complex relationships. He is the brain of the company. After his horticulture degree and several years of research, his PhD comes closer and closer.